is a website that runs material of interest to residents of Bob Moore's co-op in Center City, Philadelphia. It is not controlled by either the Co-op's Board of Directors or by the Co-op's shareholder forum, the House Council. It is independent, so it can run articles too long or too controversial for the co-op's regular Shareholders' Voice newsletter. is Bob Moore's personal website.

Email comments are welcomed and will be run in some form. Send email comments to [bobmoore+"AT"]

Articles and Documents on Co-op Issues

To protect the privacy of my neighbors, articles on co-op democracy are stored on a password-protected directory. You can only access it if you know the UserID and the Password, which I will announce at the House Council and by email to selected neighbors. Connect to that directory here.

Anniversary 2101 Rooftop View

In honor of the Co-op's 60th Anniversary, here is a large image of the view from the 2101 Rooftop, with labels on the noteworthy buildings. It is in PDF form; just click to download and print on 11" x 17" paper.

Art Work by Co-op Residents

Literary Work by Co-op Residents